Easylube and a Patrol Management System

The Easylube Patrol Management System and Single-Point Automatic Lubricator with RFID technology. Several factors need to be taken into account to allow you to reach optimum reliability and maximum benefits from a lubrication program.  These are known as the four “R”s of lubrication:

Right Method

Easylube is a maintenance-free, cost effective and easy to operate device especially designed for MQL formulation. Its reliability and simplicity of dispense setting has earned a reputation industry wide. It ensures bearings in good working condition regardless of weather, operation requirement and harsh environment.

Right Time

Easylube single-point lubricator provides an adjustable dispense setting of 1 to 12 months. The patented infra-red control system provides 24-hour continuous monitoring to track feed blockage, LED warning light flashes to alert users to be aware and take corrective steps on the occurrence.

Right Volume

Controlling grease volume has been a long-standing problem for industry.  Simply follow OEM recommendations may not be enough.  MQL calculation is the only solution which provides simple and logical formulation to determine grease volume and re-greasing interval to be added.

Right Monitoring

The Guardwatch app will provide a mobile communications facility by NFC-enabled devices. This technique enables technicians to download up-to-date work orders from assignment, and to upload mission reports back to PMS when they accomplish their mission.


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