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Digital Machining Solutions

Gain insights to your workshop

The move towards digitization will put new demands on companies as they adapt to new technologies and prepare a new generation of engineers. We work with you to equip your employees with the latest technical knowledge, allowing your business to solve even the most complex problems and stay ahead of the competition. That’s what we call collaboration on an industrial scale.

Planning for availability in your workshop requires transparency into all operations. While manual collection of data and documentation becomes tedious and time-consuming, a connected machine will offer new possibilities for transparency, optimized planning and a streamlined production. These are only a few examples of the benefits created in the organization:

  • Plant management: Increase overall efficiency and meet delivery demands with quality and profitability.
  • Production engineering: Improve processes, facilitate capacity planning and secure that operations are carried out in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Production management: Optimize operations and collaboration within workshops and between factories in order to reduce cost.
  • Operators: Feedback and contribute to insights for optimization of the manufacturing process and machine operations.

Benefits of digital machining

Reduced scrapped components

Efficient machine tool maintenance

set-up times

Flexibility in small-batch production

Bridge workforce skills gap


Advanced machining with CoroPlus® tooling solutions

Even in the most advanced workshops, you see machines lying idle, tools underutilized and components scrapped. CoroPlus solutions allow you to monitor your machining processes and get real-time insights from within your component.

Control machining processes with CoroPlus® Process Control

Unwanted deviances in your machining processes can lead to damaged cutting tools, machine tools and/or workpieces. CoroPlus® Process Control increases the overall in-cut process stability and security, ultimately enabling increased productivity and profitability.

Increase equipment efficiency with CoroPlus® Machining Insights

Why did your Machine stop working? With CoroPlus® Machining Insights, you get instant access to your machine performance and the opportunity to optimize your production processes. The solution allows you to collect data, gain insights and take action to optimize and improve.

Interviews and Live Demos

How to monitor machining and track machine tool utilization

CoroPlus Machining Insights demonstrates how data from the machine tool can offer insights into the machining processes, and how these can be used to create improvement actions. Just give us a quick call and we will have a live demo set up for you.

CoroPlus Digital Machining offer interview

Understanding Sandvik Coromant's Digital Machining Offer. Once you understand this just give us a quick call and we will have a live demo set up for you.

Ifind app
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Ifind app

Access all your machining utilities in one app

The Ifind app combines features of multiple different apps and sources of machining knowledge and makes it available for you online and offline. Whether you are in your office or on the workshop floor, the Ifind app will always help you find feeds and speeds, solutions to issues, spare parts and more.

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