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Digital confined space monitoring

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Introducing a Groundbreaking Solution from Innovative Engineering Products Pvt. Ltd., in Technical Collaboration with Visics, a Netherlands-Based Company.

Our innovative solution revolutionizes safety measures by offering clear visibility into confined spaces and continuous remote gas detection. With a remarkable 2:12 reduction in human exposure, it creates a safer work environment and prevents industrial incidents through multilayer remote gas detection alerts.

This cutting-edge technology provides crucial support during emergencies, ensuring quick response times and optimizing shutdown timelines for earlier plant startups and increased productivity. By saving valuable man-hours, it translates into significant production revenues and can serve as legal proof in certain scenarios, providing added assurance.

Furthermore, our solution enhances safety, productivity, and overall operational efficiency by monitoring headcount and productivity levels for optimal resource utilization. With video recording capabilities for future reference and analysis, it aids in tracking TA planning against actuals and false invoice preparation, enhancing financial transparency and accountability.

Introducing an Array of Innovative Solutions:

  1. Advanced Digital Confined Space Monitoring: Our cutting-edge technology ensures clear visibility and safety in confined spaces.

  2. Continuous Remote Gas Detection: Stay ahead of potential hazards with our continuous gas detection system.

  3. Access Control and Management: Manage and monitor access to critical areas with precision and efficiency.

  4. RTLS for People & Asset Tracking: Track personnel and assets in real-time for enhanced safety and operational efficiency.

  5. Productivity Monitoring with Data Analytics: Harness the power of data analytics to optimize productivity and resource allocation.

  6. Rental Gas Detection Devices, Smart Goggles: Access our range of rental gas detection devices and smart goggles for temporary safety solutions.

Experience unparalleled safety, efficiency, and productivity with our comprehensive range of solutions, brought to you by Innovative Engineering Products Pvt. Ltd. and Visics.

Benefits of digital MONITORING IN confined spaceS

Reduced Turnaround Time & Human Exposure

Data Analytics & Audit Trackings

Continuous Remote Gas Detection

Possibility to Scale-up

Two-Way Communication


Enhancing Industrial Safety and Efficiency with Innovative Digital Solutions.

In the era of Industry 4.0, advanced digital technology revolutionizes industrial safety and efficiency. Our innovative system ensures safety in confined spaces during maintenance shutdowns, offering remote gas detection, access control, and personnel tracking. Equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and gas detection units, our solution integrates the latest technologies for heightened safety and efficiency. Interested in reducing costs while enhancing safety? Contact us for innovative safety solutions and demo sessions.

Integrated Power Distribution and Access Control

The Power Distribution Unit (PDU) supplies power to the Access Control Unit (ACU) and its components, streamlining operations. Once connected, the system efficiently tracks onsite personnel and collects data from all devices. Utilizing built-in wireless connectivity, it relays audio and visuals to the onsite operator, enhancing monitoring capabilities. This integrated system optimizes productivity and reduces costs during planned turnarounds and shutdowns, prioritizing personal safety in a secure work environment for all employees.

Ensuring Safety Through Vigilant Monitoring and Swift Response System

Control room antennas strategically positioned, along with dedicated cables, form a reliable network for data transmission to the control center. Incoming data from monitoring components is assessed and recorded using specialized software. Safety-trained operators oversee data reception, ensuring safety both in the control center and field. Regular rotations of control room staff and safety observers maintain high vigilance levels. Continuous communication via separate radio frequency ensures swift response to emergencies, guaranteeing your safety at all times.

How its Done !

Global Support with Local Services

In order to facilitate global installations and deployments of the VISICS system for secure and efficient digital turnarounds, we've established our advanced 24/7 support center: C3 (Configuration and Control Centre). Based in The Netherlands, C3 enables safe and secure remote access to systems worldwide, ensuring seamless operations anytime, anywhere.

Manway Package Enhances Safety in Multiple Confined Spaces

With one VISICS manway package, monitoring is extended to six confined spaces. Our VISICS operator effortlessly sets up a single manway, complete with power, cameras, badge and intercom units, and gas detection, as showcased in the film.​

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