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Innovative Engineering Products Pvt. Ltd. (IEPPL) has joined hands with Henkel Loctite in India to offer their advanced assembly bonding and maintenance solutions portfolio to industries in Gujarat. As an authorised distributor of Henkel Loctite in Gujarat and with experienced engineers and trained application team and well stocked and strategically located warehouses in Jamnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat, IEPPL can offer speedy solutions to your applications.

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Reduced chronic failures. Increased up-time & reliability.

Increased productivity. Improved efficiency.

Reduced hazards. Safety improvments.

Extended asset life. Reduced maintenance cost.


We combine innovation and technology to deliver product solutions that are essential to countless industrial applications. Our products and expertise help manufacturers build reliable products that exceed the expectations of our clients.



Prevent loosening and seizure
Innovative LOCTITE threadlockers are one of the most reliable and inexpensive ways to make sure a threaded assembly remains locked and secured for the entirety of its service life.
Thread Sealants

Thread Sealants

Prevent leaks from pipe joints
Innovative LOCTITE Thread Sealants offer an effective and inexpensive method to seal pipe joints and prevent potential leakages. Being a paste, they can be applied easily between the threads of metal pipe joints.
Gasketing Compounds

Gasketing Compounds

Prevent leaks from flanges
Innovative LOCTITE gasketing compound offer a reliable and effective method to seal and strengthen flanges, for the prevention of gas and liquid leakage.
Retaining Compounds

Retaining Compounds

Prevent backlash and spun bearings
Innovative LOCTITE retaining compounds offer an inexpensive and effective method to secure bearings, bushes and cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts.
Instant Bonding Adhesives

Instant Bonding Adhesives

Bonds dissimilar parts
Innovative LOCTITE instant bonding adhesives are typically used for fast and reliable bonding of various materials within seconds; materials such as metals, rubber, polystyrene, wood, even the latest generation of plastics.
Cleaners and Primers

Cleaners and Primers

Prepare surfaces for proper fastening and sealing
Innovative LOCTITE Cleaners and Primers are used to prepare the surface before LOCTITE adhesives are applied on them to ensure maximum performance.
Protective Coatings Compounds

Protective Coatings & Compounds

Repair and Rebuild metal and concrete surfaces
Innovative Loctite Metal and Concrete Repair compounds helps to maximize production, minimize downtime, and prevent equipment failure.
Anti Seize 1

Anti-Seize Lubricants

Prevents rust, corrosion, galling or seizing on metal parts in extreme environments
Innovative Loctite Anti-Seize Compounds are premium quality products developed to protect metal parts from corrosion, galling and seizing.

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