Digital Monitoring of Confined Spaces

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Digital Monitoring of Confined Spaces in Technical Collaboration with Visics.

Innovative Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (IEPPL), a distinguished leader in Indian manufacturing and distribution space, renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in productivity and safety, proudly announces its collaboration with Access Technology Group, a prominent Dutch innovator specializing in digital shutdowns and turnarounds. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone as IEPPL integrates its advanced solutions with Access Technology’s VISICS Digital Confined Space Monitoring system, ushering in a new era of safety and efficiency in confined space operations.

Confined spaces pose unique challenges in industrial environments, necessitating proactive measures to identify and mitigate hazards effectively. Recognizing this imperative, IEPPL is committed to delivering tailored solutions designed to address the specific needs of the Indian energy industry, with a particular focus on the oil and gas sectors.

Leveraging over 25 years of industry expertise and a profound understanding of energy sector turnarounds, IEPPL brings unparalleled knowledge and experience to the collaboration. In addition to providing dedicated sales, service, and support teams, IEPPL is also offering to integrates its range of Area Gas Monitors, including Industrial Scientific’s Atex certified Radius BZ 1, into the VISICS system. 

This integration enables real-time monitoring of gas readings within confined spaces, augmenting safety measures during turnarounds and shutdowns.Through the VISICS system, data from workers’ badges and communication devices are seamlessly integrated to manage and monitor entries into confined spaces. Live camera feeds, both inside and outside the space, enable remote teams to centrally monitor activities, further enhancing safety protocols.

Devang Mehta, Director of IEPPL, emphasized the paramount importance of safety in the energy industry, stating, “Our collaboration with Access Technology Group empowers us to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions tailored to the unique challenges of confined space operations, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency.”

For clients in the Indian energy industry seeking advanced digital monitoring solutions for confined spaces, IEPPL stands ready to deliver unparalleled expertise and support. To learn more and connect with us for your digital monitoring needs, please visit our dedicated Digital Confined Space Monitoring page.

About Innovative Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (IEPPL):

Innovative Engineering Pvt. Ltd. (IEPPL) is a leading Indian engineering firm with over 25 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions. Committed to excellence, IEPPL offers dedicated teams and deep industry knowledge to provide superior digital monitoring solutions for confined spaces in the Indian energy industry. For more information, visit our Digital Confined Space Monitoring page  and connect with us on our Linkedin Page.

About Access Technology Group (ATG):

Access Technology Group (ATG) is a pioneering Dutch company specializing in digital shutdowns and turnarounds. With a focus on innovation and safety, ATG offers the VISICS Digital Confined Space Monitoring system, revolutionizing safety standards in industrial environments. For more information, visit

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