Sandvik Coromant announces latest partnership with Siemens

PrimeTurning™ machining method implemented into Siemens’ NX software

Leader in machining solutions Sandvik Coromant has announced its latest partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software, to integrate its PrimeTurning™ technology into Siemens’ NX™ software. The partnership will allow NX users to efficiently define PrimeTurning™ operations through integration of the PrimeTurning™ module.

Unlike conventional turning operations, the PrimeTurning™ methodology is based on the tool entering the component at the chuck and removing material as it travels towards the end of the component, away from the chuck. This allows for the application of a small entering angle and the possibility of machining with higher cutting parameters. Furthermore, conventional turning (from part-end to chuck) can be performed using the same tools.

Through the deployment of PrimeTurning™, some applications could see productivity increases in excess of 50%, compared to using conventional techniques.

As leaders in manufacturing, Sandvik Coromant and Siemens hope the partnership will enable other manufacturers to implement new and productive machining methods with confidence.  The 2021 Digital Transformation Assessment​, co-produced by The Manufacturer and IBM has shown that manufacturers are focusing their digital investments in four key areas, one being collaboration. By working together, Sandvik Coromant and Siemens aim to facilitate easier collaboration across teams and to enhance productivity.

Siemens’ NX is advanced software for computer aided design (CAD), computer aided engineering (CAE) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) that digitally connects every aspect of production processes. This integrated toolset helps companies preserve data integrity, sustain design intent and achieve high-performance manufacturing.

The partnership is not the first time that Sandvik Coromant has collaborated with Siemens, with Sandvik Coromant frequently using Siemens’ software and systems in its own production and product development. “Siemens and Sandvik Coromant have a trusted, long standing relationship,” said Marko Stugbäck, Product Manager for Digital Machining Business at Sandvik Coromant. “The integration of PrimeTurning™ into NX is another demonstration of the mutual understanding and support we have for each other, which also benefits the wider manufacturing community.

Marko Stugbäck

“Siemens has a long history in providing robust and reliable digital solutions and we think Siemens’ NX is the ideal software to integrate PrimeTurning™ into, to benefit our mutual customers. The benefits of PrimeTurning™ range from turning flexibility in all directions, longer insert lifecycles, up to a 50% productivity increase and faster return on investment, bringing down the overall cost per part. This is all while making the programming of machining operations more efficient and easier to manage.”

“The close collaboration with Sandvik Coromant and the implementation of their PrimeTurning™ technology in NX CAM can enable us to add more value to our customers across the world with our extensive digital manufacturing solutions,” said Vynce Paradise, Director of NX CAM Product Development at Siemens Digital Industries Software.

This content was originally published on Sandvik Coromant Website.


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