Pre-applied Coatings

Pre-applied Process



Process Selection

Our application engineer will help you find the right pre-applied coating to meet your performance specifications.


Send us your Parts

Once a selection has been made, have your fasteners shipped to our processing centers.



Utilizing custom, high-speed equipment, we apply the necessary materials to your exact specification.


Complete Parts Returned

Once processing is complete, parts are shipped back ready for distribution or assembly.

Types of Pre-Applied Coatings on Fasteners

Locking & Sealing of Threads

Loctite Dri-Loc® is a dry coating adhesive that contains a micro-encapsulated activator that is suspended in a water based resin. The Dri-Loc® is applied to the bolt and remains inert and dry to touch until the bolt is used. Based on the principle of prevailing torque, inert thread locking processes create fasteners with instant retention and sealing properties along with the added benefit of adjust-ability and re-usability. Inert thread-lockers are highly chemical resistant and eliminate the need for costly lock washers, cotter pins, or castellated nuts.

Instant Sealing of Threads

Loctite Dri-Seal and Vibra Seal pre-applied thread sealants are dry-to-touch, tough, non-hardening sealants engineered to be pre-applied. Designed to provide an instant seal against most fluids, fuels and lubricants on threaded fasteners, fittings, plugs and pipe joints. These products perform on demanding requirements of automotive, truck and agricultural equipment manufacturers. As they do not lock the threaded components, disassembly is easy. (For sealing + locking see Dri-Loc ® products).

Elimination of Thread Seizure

Capable of withstanding temperatures of upto 650°C. This pre-applied high temperature, anti-galling, thread lubricant product is dry to touch and offers instant sealing of most fluids & thread protection in corrosive environments. Reusable upto five times, anti-seize will perform on all part finishes and eliminate high temperature galling. The product is non-curing and completely inert at any times. Lubricates threaded parts exposed to high temperatures allowing easy disassembly. Lubricating properties reduces threaded friction, lowering applied torque for required bolt force.


Pre-applied reactive sealants are designed to withstand a wide range of pressures, chemical fluids and gasses. Coated onto your fasteners at our factories, the sealants arrive dry to the touch. Once installed into a mating part, the reactive components mix, initiating a chemical reaction which cures the material.


A range of processes developed to prevent fastener seizing, reduce installation torque, limit material adhesion, and more. Our masking and lubricating processes help customers decrease assembly and disassembly time which leads to an increase in productivity. Pre-Applied fasteners are ready for use right out of the box with no curing or drying required


Processes designed to make assembly SAFER, EASIER and FASTER by reducing application errors and worker fatigue. Depending on your needs, we can also provide auxiliary assembly of components to reduce the number of parts inventoried and minimize cost.