Lubrication Management

Innovative Lubrication Management Services

Our innovative lubrication management program is an an asset-life focussed approach to lubrication management based on specific operational conditions, best practices, machine applications and maintenance processes. Successful implementation of our program will lead to an increase in asset life, cost effectiveness and machine uptime, and a proactive approach to long-term asset care.

A comprehensive survey will review current practices and procedures, establish asset criticality, evaluate organisational risk and identify cost saving opportunities. Using this baseline, our application engineers will recommend remedial actions, prioritising critical assets and formulating a long-term maintenance program.

In order to understand the role of lubricants in machine and machine maintenance, we must appreciate that “Lubricant in a machine is like blood in the human body”. Analysis of your machine’s oil enables Pro-active Maintenance. Oil analysis makes it possible to perform the condition monitoring of the machine and the oil. By early detection of the condition of the machine, it is possible to prevent costly equipment failures and achieve improvement in your Machinery Health Management.

Survey and analysis include:

  • Programme management
  • Downtime analysis & consequential cost
  • Hazard/failure probability
  • Oil analysis program practices
  • Contamination control practices
  • Lubricant standard operating procedures
  • Safety health and environment practices
  • Lubricant delivery, storage & handling procedures
  • Lubricant technical selection practices
  • Lubricant application practices

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