Future Machining Solutions

Shaping the future togather

Engineering, it can change the world. This film is a tribute to all of you working hard within the engineering industry, your relentless work to constantly push for industrial progress and for shaping the future together. In fact, the only thing that’s been constant in manufacturing has been the constant change, and yet, it remains a critical element of global wealth and development. What we demand today is not the same as it was ten… five… or even a year ago. Engineering and technology are continuously challenging our perception of what is possible. The move towards digitization will put new demands on companies as they adapt to new technologies and prepare a new generation of engineers. We work with you to equip your employees with the latest technical knowledge, allowing your business to solve even the most complex problems and stay ahead of the competition. That’s what we call collaboration on an industrial scale.

Welcome to the World of Digital Machining

Application Videos

Prime Turning
CoroMill Plura Heavy Duty End Mills
Cast Iron Face Milling
CoroCut XS CoroTurn XS
CoroCut QD
CoroThread® 266 - Thread turning
CoroCut MB
Coromant Capto
Silent Tools
CoroTap - Tapping Tools
Multi-Edge Face Milling

Ifind app: Access all your machining utilities in one app

The Ifind app combines features of multiple different apps and sources of machining knowledge and makes it available for you online and offline. Whether you are in your office or on the workshop floor, the Ifind app will always help you find feeds and speeds, solutions to issues, spare parts and more.

If you are only going to download one app, this should be it.